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IATA Resolution 753 – the airport operator perspective (3)

Following my previous two posts on the benefits for airport operators of IATA Resolution 753, read on for my last post on the subject.

Optimising system and manpower:

From our years of experience at BEUMER Group we know that the processing of baggage can be vastly improved with the use of camera and video scanning technology. But if used to comply with 753, the technology could also allow airports to optimise their baggage handling equipment and manpower. For instance, using the same Video Coding System (VCS) on both inbound and outbound operations means that the Manual Encoding Stations (MES) can be centralised. So the same operators could remotely read and code bag tags from both inbound and outbound systems, rather than having a dedicated MES and personnel next to both sorting systems.

So all in all, when IATA Resolution 753 comes into effect it should not only improve the rate of mishandled baggage but also promises to make some of the associated processes far more efficient and cost-effective.

Keep an eye on our blog for future posts as the industry prepares for the new regulations.

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Kim Madsen
Kim Madsen

Senior System Manager, Software, Kim Madsen, has 20 years of experience in IT & Controls solutions for airport baggage handling systems combined with almost three decades of experience with controls systems for large, international projects. Kim Madsen shares his thoughts on how to optimise controls solutions for better automation and what IT & Controls partners can do for airports.

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