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IATA Resolution 753 – the airport operator perspective (1)

IATA Resolution 753 states that IATA member airlines, which account for over 80% of all air traffic, must accept the ultimate responsibility for demonstrating delivery and acquisition of each bag when custody changes. But for the airlines to comply they of course need to work closely with airport operators. So what benefits can the airports themselves hope to see from the new regulations?

Compliance with the resolution will allow airports to remove operational silos and achieve greater cost savings and efficiency.  I’ll talk about three of these situations in a series of blogs, starting below.

Off-loading errors:

Missing bags can occur if transfer baggage is off-loaded incorrectly to baggage reclaim or if an arrivals bag is mistakenly off-loaded to transfer baggage. Resolution 753 might push for sharing of data across airlines which can help stop this happening altogether or allow mistakes to be corrected more quickly because the error will show up during the scanning and registration process. Baggage inventory for each departure flight will be able to be exchanged seamlessly between the airline, airport operators and ground handlers, promoting less errors and hence reducing the cost of the lost luggage process. All this will of course mean increased passenger satisfaction and repeat business for the airport.

Look out for my next post talking about how lost baggage reporting can be improved.

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Kim Madsen
Kim Madsen

Senior System Manager, Software, Kim Madsen, has 20 years of experience in IT & Controls solutions for airport baggage handling systems combined with almost three decades of experience with controls systems for large, international projects. Kim Madsen shares his thoughts on how to optimise controls solutions for better automation and what IT & Controls partners can do for airports.

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