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IATA 753 Resolution compliance – a new Whitepaper

Airlines, Airports and Ground Handlers will all be affected by IATA Resolution 753 that will take effect in June 2018. Although this is some time away, members need to establish what action they need to take in order to comply with this new piece of legislation. The new regulation centres on baggage tracking, which is a fundamental logistical operation involving staff, equipment and potentially multiple on site locations.

To help identify appropriate solutions for all involved, we have published a Whitepaper about the Resolution and how compliance in baggage handling may be achieved. This paper includes more information on the Resolution itself, the consequences for those affected, the minimum requirements and solutions for the potential challenges.

Andrew Price, Head of Airport Operations at IATA recently spoke to Future Travel Experience Magazine saying, “The resolution specifies that the airline must be capable of demonstrating the delivery and acquisition of bags, and specifies three places – aircraft loading, arrivals inject and transfers inject…airlines, airports and ground handlers should examine their operations to identify gaps and put in place an action plan to close those gaps”.

Download our Whitepaper for more information.

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Kim Madsen
Kim Madsen

Senior System Manager, Software, Kim Madsen, has 20 years of experience in IT & Controls solutions for airport baggage handling systems combined with almost three decades of experience with controls systems for large, international projects. Kim Madsen shares his thoughts on how to optimise controls solutions for better automation and what IT & Controls partners can do for airports.

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