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2018 – The countdown begins for IATA Resolution 753 compliance

Following IATA’s announcement of the new resolution, it is clear that airlines, airports and ground handling staff will face changes to their current baggage handling operations, but what will the resolution mean in reality?

By 2018, IATA airlines must, “maintain an accurate inventory of baggage by monitoring the acquisition and delivery of baggage” which means airlines must keep track of every item of baggage from check-in through to the arrivals carousel.

This resolution has been introduced due to findings from the IATA Baggage Improvement Programme and whilst initial pressure falls to IATA airlines, airports have their role to play to make sure they have the right IT systems and baggage handling infrastructure in place to support airline compliance.

So what will this mean for airports? They will fundamentally need to analyse their existing operations and put a plan into action to implement or update baggage handling systems with the appropriate technology, enabling them to monitor baggage efficiently and accurately. Investing in the right system that will be future proof as well as adaptable to changing requirements is key.

The CrisBag® tote-based baggage handling system offers 100% tracking and traceability from end to end. With individually controlled totes, one bag per tote and in-tote screening, the CrisBag system will prepare any airport for supporting compliance.

This resolution is good news for the industry and has a business benefit for all concerned, through improving operational efficiency by reducing baggage mishandling.  This reduction will increase passenger satisfaction, baggage security and compliance to SLA’s, not to mention speeding up flight readiness for departure and connecting flights.

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Kim Madsen
Kim Madsen

Senior System Manager, Software, Kim Madsen, has 20 years of experience in IT & Controls solutions for airport baggage handling systems combined with almost three decades of experience with controls systems for large, international projects. Kim Madsen shares his thoughts on how to optimise controls solutions for better automation and what IT & Controls partners can do for airports.

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