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Automated baggage handling can make a real difference

There are many reasons why airports look for more innovative ways in which to deal with baggage handling. Often it’s because they have to cope with increasing passenger numbers as air travel remains both popular, and even necessary, in our modern world.

But even the airports with consistent passenger traffic understand the need to move away from conventional conveyor-based systems to something more adapted to their individual needs.

One such project that I was lucky to be involved in recently was for Ottawa International Airport, which is the sixth busiest Canadian airport handling a consistent figure or around 4.5 million passengers each year.  Ottawa isn’t the largest airport in Canada, but the Ottawa International Airport Authority do have several initiatives in place which affect the airport’s choices when it comes to upgrading their baggage handling system.

The primary commitments of the Ottawa International Airport Authority are reducing energy consumption and increasing efficiency; these initiatives have led them away from using a conventional conveyor-based system in favour of Crisplant’s CrisBag® tote-based system installed in both the Domestic/International terminal and the US trans-border terminal, which offers low energy consumption as well as a modular design, centralised management system and low maintenance. The airport is consequently set to save around CAD$500k per year.

CrisBag® is unique in featuring start/stop technology which allows sensor-controlled modules to power off when totes are not in operation.  With the added benefit of a top speed of 10m/sec, I’m proud to say that CrisBag® is one of the fastest and most energy-efficient baggage handling systems in the world.

Ottawa is one of eight Canadian airports with US border preclearance facilities and for this reason, the new baggage handling system needs to incorporate effective screening and security features compliant with the latest CATSA requirements.  Our CrisBag® systems offer 100% baggage tracking from check-in to screening because the bag remains in the same tote throughout the whole process.  And, outbound sorting and x-ray is all covered by the one technology.

It’s nice to see airports of all sizes embracing new baggage handling technologies designed to fit their individual requirements. I, in particular, look forward to continuously working closely with these airports to make sure we help them implement effective solutions that make a real difference to how they perform.

About the Author

Johan Rajczyk
Johan Rajczyk

Airport Baggage Handling Sales Manager, Johan Rajczyk has been with Crisplant for 20 years. Through his work and experience with regional and large scale airports, Rajczyk shares his thoughts on how to obtain continual improvements in baggage handling efficiency, achieve space-saving automation and how to enable airports to comply with international screening regulations. 


Dear Sir, Pls let me know more detailed story about auto baggage handling system for installation in our international airport in Korea. Your kind information on this matter would be highly appreciated. Best regards, Paul Chang

Paul Chang on
20 March 2014 at

Dear Paul,  we are glad that you are interested in our baggage handling systems.  Please write a short mail with your contact data to, so that we can contact you and give you more information on our products and systems.  Looking forward to your reply!  Best regards,  Mirko

Mirko Frontschak on
20 March 2014 at

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