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Trends in logistics

The Beckum-based BEUMER Group with affiliations around the globe has been developing customized system solutions for conveying, loading, palletizing, packaging, sortation and distribution technology for more than 75 years. Since the integration of the Danish company Crisplant A/S in 2009, the company group has been one of the global market leaders in high-performance sorting technology. In order to be able to offer users in the logistics sector the optimum solution at all times, the BEUMER Group has founded a Center of Competence for logistics based at its headquarters in Beckum and in the Danish city of Aarhus.

With its Logistics Systems business segment, the BEUMER Group has brought together the expertise of BEUMER and Crisplant with the objective of utilizing and further developing the best solutions of the two companies in technology and in processes. The company group is therefore strengthening the global expansion of this business sector, is further securing its position and the product portfolio in the market, and is promoting the worldwide acquisition of projects, for example in the CEP markets (courier, express, and parcel) and in the Warehouse & Distribution sector.

The product base includes modular high-performance sorting systems which enable widely differing goods, such as parcels, products in bags, bulky goods and returned items, to be sorted, distributed and checked in large quantities quickly, reliably and accurately.

With the Center of Competence in Aarhus and Beckum, the BEUMER Group has created a Center with worldwide responsibility, which has been led since September 2011 by Martin Mossinkoff as the globally responsible director. Here, BEUMER Group staff undertake research and development, sales, project management, purchasing and the provision of support for all group companies worldwide.

The BEUMER Group not only supplies systems, it also undertakes complete projects as the main contractor. With the integration of Crisplant into the BEUMER Group, the company is expanding the Crisplant brand as well as the BEUMER brand worldwide. Crisplant is known for developing and supplying products which are reliable, robust and very low maintenance. “In the past, this has already led to customers remaining loyal to us for a very long time,” says Martin Mossinkoff. The Crisplant brand has been internationally established in the field of high-performance sorting technology for more than 40 years. For this reason, it will continue to be independently managed. In the 1970s and the early 1980s, BEUMER and Crisplant cooperated closely, particularly in the German market. In coming years, the company group expects an annual growth of 5 to 10%.The expected increase in order intake for 2013 is 20% higher than in the previous year.

Potential lies in Asia

The demand for sorting and distribution systems is growing, particularly in the CEP market. Major customers include the USA, followed by Europe, where the BEUMER Group has its main share. “However, we see the greatest growth potential in Asia,” says Martin Mossinkoff. This is because the gross domestic product here is continuously rising and trade is on the increase. One of the major drivers of growth here is e-commerce. Due to the increasing salaries, in China and India for example, there is also a new middle class. This significantly changes the consumption pattern of the population in the developing countries. The volume of trade increases and delivery times have to be continuously reduced. From warehousing to sorting and delivery to the customer, greater demands are therefore placed on logistics. “The requirements will become more and more similar throughout the world,” forecasts Martin Mossinkoff.

The BEUMER Group supplies high-quality products, systems and services which increase the competitiveness of the user. In addition, BEUMER’s Customer Support team offers extensive customer assistance, flexible service, custom modernization, efficient supplies of spare parts and comprehensive training for users of the equipment. Agreements with the customer range from simple maintenance and inspection all the way to permanent deployment of service personnel at the customer’s premises. To ensure smooth intralogistics processes and efficient material flows, Customer Support employees modernize machinery and systems to prepare them for future demands on performance and technical sophistication. For example, they can increase performance and throughput, optimize control and safety technology, and equip machines with new functions as required. In this way, the customer can benefit from increased system availability, reduced energy consumption, improved monitoring systems, more ergonomic working conditions and increased service life. “The sustainability of systems in particular is becoming an important competitive factor,” says Martin Mossinkoff.

The Asiatic market presents particular challenges to companies. Competition is increasing significantly, particularly from Chinese companies. German products must therefore be offered here at competitive prices and, at the same time, be more innovative in order to be a step ahead of the competition at all times. This can be achieved by modular solutions which enable the customers’ requirements to be fulfilled individually. BEUMER also manufactures locally in order to provide optimum deliveries to customers. For example, the company group has a production location in Shanghai and has recently opened a manufacturing facility in Thailand for this purpose.

Impressive references

The products and services from the logistics business segment are used in different industries. Along with CEP, these also include the e-commerce sector as well as warehousing and distribution centers for non-food consumer goods, foodstuffs, automotive products and the retail trade.

One example of a company which relies on solutions from the BEUMER Group is the Baur mail order business. Among other things, the company offers fashion, jewelry, furniture and home accessories. BEUMER has installed a 282-meter-long and a 275-meter-long Type BS 7 BT cross belt sorter at Baur. The system sorts 19,160 parcels per hour. The Australian company Best & Less is also concerned with clothing and fashion, and sorts and distributes its goods on an LS-4000CB sorter.

The BEUMER Group has also implemented a further project at Vista Print in the Dutch city of Venlo. Here, printed products ranging from business cards to posters and merchandising articles are distributed on a cross belt sorter. New Look in Lymedale in the United Kingdom uses an LS-4000CB cross belt sorter for shoe boxes and products in bags as well as jewelry and textiles. The BEUMER Group has supplied a tilt tray sorter and a cross belt sorter for the Korean post office. BEUMER’s customers also include the Otto Group, the largest mail order company in Germany. For its subsidiary, Hermes Fulfilment, BEUMER has supplied and installed high-performance sorters with which the company processes more than 60 million orders per year. Equipment has also been supplied to the Hermes Logistics Center in Langenhagen, a main hub for the Hermes Logistics Group in Germany. More than 40 million parcels are now processed here each year. BEUMER has installed the appropriate high-performance sorter for this purpose. A further customer of the BEUMER Group, CJKX, a large parcel service provider in Korea, uses a cross belt sorter for handling parcels. The BEUMER Group has also supplied a sorter solution to Japan for Start Today, a company which handles the logistics for various fashion labels. In the sporting sector, Nike Sports China Ltd. in the Chinese city of Shanghai likewise relies on solutions from the BEUMER Group. Here, products are sorted and distributed using an LS-4000E tilt tray sorter.

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BEUMER Group is an international manufacturing leader in intralogistics in the fields of conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and distribution technology.

Together with Crisplant a/s and Enexco Teknologies India Limited, BEUMER Group employs about 3,700 people and achieves an annual turnover of about 512 million EUR.

With its subsidiaries and sales agencies, BEUMER Group is present in many industries worldwide.

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