We at BEUMER / 12 May 2015

Experience report by Christoph Dorra (graduate trainee) Pt. 4

End of October I participated in the Strategy workshop 2018 of Beumer Thailand in Bangkok.

The Management Team of BTH as well as a Management delegation from Beckum came together to develop the strategy for the next 5 years of BEUMER Thailand for each business segment and all departments and potential markets of the company.

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by BEUMER Group
12 May 2015
We at BEUMER / 15 April 2015

Experience report by Christoph Dorra (graduate trainee) Pt. 3

The distribution centre of iron ore in Malaysia for a Brazilian customer is one of the most breathtaking projects in the history of BEUMER.

The task sounds quite simple: Transporting iron ore from the largest bulk carriers ever constructed (400.000 to) via a 2 km jetty onto landside, blending the imported material locally and conveying it finally onto export vessels to entire South East Asia and above.

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by BEUMER Group
15 April 2015
We at BEUMER / 25 March 2015

Experience report by Christoph Dorra (graduate trainee) Pt. 2

Mid of September 2014 I arrived in Thailand to join our supervisor at one of our best Thai customers cement plant site for about 8 weeks.

Our scope of supply contains about 80 belt conveyors including one overland conveyer (3,5 km) as well as about 20 bucket elevators, chain and belt apron conveyors and 4 palletizing and packaging lines (including palletless packaging).

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by BEUMER Group
25 March 2015
We at BEUMER / 08 March 2015

Experience report by Christoph Dorra (graduate trainee)

Supposed to become a Salesman at BEUMER Group I have nearly completed the international graduate program with some really interesting tasks and projects.

After having seen the Sales Business on a more strategic level, it was my wish to get in contact to our business directly on site before digging into my new job.

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by BEUMER Group
08 March 2015
We at BEUMER / 31 July 2014

Onboarding @ BEUMER

At BEUMER, every employee is a member of our "family". The first months in our company are very important for new colleagues, especially for identification and job satisfaction. Since 2012 we offer an international Onboarding Programme for new hires. The intention of this programme is to train new employees efficiently for their individual tasks as well as to integrate them successfully into our BEUMER Group family.

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by BEUMER Group
31 July 2014

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