Building Materials / 21 July 2015

From waste to energy

The utility company Linz AG relies on a BEUMER Group Pipe Conveyor to transport household and industrial waste as well as sewage sludge from the treatment plant to its power station. This conveyor is not only highly energy efficient, but due to its closed design, it is also possible to convey waste products through public spaces without affecting the environment. The result is: no material loss, no unpleasant smell, and most importantly no pollution to the environment. The Pipe Conveyor can also be optimally adapted to the routing due to its ability to navigate curves.

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by BEUMER Group
21 July 2015
Building Materials / 05 August 2013

Palletising of bags even more gentle

The BEUMER Group product range now includes the twin-belt turning device, which allows for palletising of bags filled with bulk material in an even more gentle way. The twin-belt turning device represents an alternative to the existing clamp-type turning device. This new development works with two separately driven belt conveyors, which by applying a differential speed between both belts enables turning the bag to be palletised by 90 degrees, and, in particular cases also by 180 degrees. This procedure ensures a dimensionally stable bag. This is important for the achievement of stable bag stacks for products with particular flow behaviour and for soft bags.

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by BEUMER Group
05 August 2013
Building Materials / 25 July 2013

Customized system solutions for the bulk materials industry

The ever increasing technical demands in the bulk materials industry are reflected in the particular expectations of the user. Manufacturers who not only supply everything from one source but also undertake the complete project to the point of turnkey handover are in demand. The Beckum-based BEUMER Group with affiliations around the globe develops customized system solutions for conveying and loading, palletizing and packaging, and sortation and distribution systems.

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by BEUMER Group
25 July 2013
Building Materials / 10 July 2013

BEUMER gives its high-capacity layer palletiser a complete overhaul

BEUMER has fundamentally reengineered its high-capacity layer palletiser BEUMER paletpac. The user now benefits from better accessibility, shorter assembly period, higher flexibility and, as a result, from lower costs. BEUMER thus continues to pursue the ambitious goal of offering its customers solutions that are sustainable in every respect.

The BEUMER paletpac 2500 is incorporated into high-performance packaging lines to process highly sensitive and valuable products in a gentle and efficient manner.

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by BEUMER Group
10 July 2013
Building Materials / 27 June 2013

BEUMER autopac: System simultaneously loads and palletises bags filled with bulk material

With the BEUMER autopac, BEUMER Group has a system in its portfolio that loads bagged materials like cement directly from the packing machine onto the truck bed. The bags are palletised automatically in stacked rows or patterns. The system is particularly efficient in emerging market nations, where the transshipment of bagged bulked goods is increasing and labour costs are climbing.

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by BEUMER Group
27 June 2013

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