Airport / 29 September 2015

Disruption not an option

One of the biggest challenges we face as a baggage handling solution provider is how to perform major system upgrades/installations in busy hub airports. With so many areas of the baggage handling system potentially being worked on at a given time, how do you avoid disruption and delays to passengers?

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by Christoph Oftring
29 September 2015
Airport / 08 September 2015

Baggage handling – an end-to-end approach

Today’s modern airports have to keep up with the demand for speed and simplicity – only excellent service levels will ensure that passengers use the airport again and again. It’s pretty clear that a reliable, fast and efficient end-to-end baggage handling system plays a vital role in this process.

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by Klaus Schäfer
08 September 2015
Airport / 02 July 2015

Airports Are Getting Ready For ECAC3 Implementation Part 1

I’ve spoken recently in a blog on this site about ECAC3 – the new European Civil Aviation Conference Screening Regulations that came into effect in September 2014 - and how it will affect those responsible for airport security.

Just to be clear, the ECAC3 protocol supersedes the ECAC2 hold baggage screening standard for all new baggage handling systems installed after September 2014, while existing ECAC2 systems must be upgraded to comply with ECAC3 before September 2020.

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by Christoph Oftring
02 July 2015
Airport / 05 March 2015

Passenger Terminal Expo - Integrated explosives detection screening

It's almost time again for Passenger Terminal Expo, one of the key events in the calendar for both airports and suppliers. And this year sees Crisplant making some great advances in airport security.

I am particularly looking forward to showcasing a demo of our CrisBag® high-speed baggage transport system, with integrated in-tote explosives detection screening. This is the first system of its kind to be certified to the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) Standard 3 for in-tote screening using standard and extended tote sizes.

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by Klaus Schäfer
05 March 2015
Airport / 02 March 2015

New ECAC3 screening regulations provide dual benefits for baggage handling systems

Since coming into force in September 2014 airports operating under European Civil Aviation Conference guidance have begun to contemplate how they will implement the new ECAC standard 3 in new installations and upgrades of existing baggage handling systems. The biggest change in the new standard is that it requires the use of CT technology at level 1 rather than level 3 in a multi-layered system. The diagram below provides a suggestion of how the change might be implemented.

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by Christoph Oftring
02 March 2015

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