Airport / 26 August 2016

Reducing mishandled baggage for compliance and cost savings

I was encouraged to see that SITA’s 2016 Baggage Report provides evidence that the industry is making great progress in further reducing the number of mishandled bags. Compared to 2014, the amount of mis-routed baggage fell by 10.5% in 2015 to reach an all-time low of 6.5 bags per 1000 passengers.

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by Klaus Schäfer
26 August 2016
Airport / 12 February 2016

IATA 753 Resolution compliance – a new Whitepaper

Airlines, Airports and Ground Handlers will all be affected by IATA Resolution 753 that will take effect in June 2018. Although this is some time away, members need to establish what action they need to take in order to comply with this new piece of legislation. The new regulation centres on baggage tracking, which is a fundamental logistical operation involving staff, equipment and potentially multiple on site locations.

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by Kim Madsen
12 February 2016
Airport / 06 January 2016

Reduced manual handling of transfer bags with VCS inside the baggage handling system

Airlines and airports alike are always striving to deliver a first class customer experience and connection times can be a difficult topic – passengers don’t want to be waiting too long nor have to rush or find out their bags didn’t make the flight. Baggage handling staff are under pressure to re-direct the luggage accurately, often within a small timeframe and avoiding short-shipments.

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by Kim Madsen
06 January 2016
Airport / 17 December 2015

Early Baggage Storage in action

It’s been a busy time for us as ever, particularly having taken part in inter airport Europe!  Leading names in airport technology, design, logistics and equipment provision gathered in Munich this year, where a third hall was added to meet the high demand of exhibitors keen to attend this bi-annual event. Our stand was a hub of activity featuring live demos of two of our latest innovations.

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by Klaus Schäfer
17 December 2015
Airport / 02 October 2015

2018 – The countdown begins for IATA Resolution 753 compliance

Following IATA’s announcement of the new resolution, it is clear that airlines, airports and ground handling staff will face changes to their current baggage handling operations, but what will the resolution mean in reality?

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by Kim Madsen
02 October 2015

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