Airport / 27 January 2015

China’s air transport growth – opportunities and challenges - Part 2

In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to share my observations about my visit to inter airport, China in late 2014 and how China is addressing the need to grow its air transport infrastructure. In this post, I am going to look at the environmental considerations that will come into play as China builds out its regional and international airport network.

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by Klaus Schäfer
27 January 2015
Airport / 15 January 2015

China’s air transport growth – opportunities and challenges - Part 1

As a visitor to inter airport, China, 2014, I thought I would use my next two posts to share my observations from the trip with you.

I believe China is facing both opportunities and challenges, as it experiences substantial growth and demand in air travel. It needs to expand its air transport infrastructure, but at the same time needs to do so in a sustainable fashion and with low environmental impact.

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by Klaus Schäfer
15 January 2015
Airport / 12 November 2014

Embedded RFID Tags may soon be a reality

Attached RFID tags are only starting to become more common place now, with some major airlines adopting semi-permanent tie-on tags for frequent flyer programmes, which help them enable things like express check-ins. However, our recent deployments of hybrid RFID and barcode tunnels show it will be some time before we say goodbye to printed barcode tags.

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by BEUMER Group
12 November 2014
Warehouse & Distribution / 28 October 2014

High-speed distribution system for fashion retailer Varner

Crisplant has been awarded a contract by Swisslog – a leading provider of automated intralogistics solutions for the retail and e-commerce industry – for the design and integration of a high-speed automated material handling system in Scandinavian fashion retailer Varner's new Central Distribution Centre in Vänersborg, Sweden, due to open in the summer of 2016.

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by BEUMER Group
28 October 2014
Warehouse & Distribution / 16 October 2014

The right system for every task

At the French packaging exhibition Emballage 2014 (November 17 to 20 in Paris), the BEUMER Group will be presenting its extensive expertise as a full-line supplier of machinery for filling, palletizing and packaging. Visitors to the trade fair will be able to learn all about the new filling machines from the BEUMER fillpac product range, which are distinguished above all by their weighing electronics. Also on display will be the completely redesigned stretch hood system, BEUMER stretch hood A.

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by BEUMER Group
16 October 2014

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