Airport / 02 October 2015

2018 – The countdown begins for IATA Resolution 753 compliance

Following IATA’s announcement of the new resolution, it is clear that airlines, airports and ground handling staff will face changes to their current baggage handling operations, but what will the resolution mean in reality?

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by Kim Madsen
02 October 2015
Airport / 29 September 2015

Disruption not an option

One of the biggest challenges we face as a baggage handling solution provider is how to perform major system upgrades/installations in busy hub airports. With so many areas of the baggage handling system potentially being worked on at a given time, how do you avoid disruption and delays to passengers?

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by Christoph Oftring
29 September 2015
Airport / 08 September 2015

Baggage handling – an end-to-end approach

Today’s modern airports have to keep up with the demand for speed and simplicity – only excellent service levels will ensure that passengers use the airport again and again. It’s pretty clear that a reliable, fast and efficient end-to-end baggage handling system plays a vital role in this process.

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by Klaus Schäfer
08 September 2015
We at BEUMER / 28 August 2015

Space for 280 jobs in Beckum

Topping out ceremony for new office building

In January, the builders Bernhard Beumer and Dr. Christoph Beumer had put together with Mayor Dr. Karl-Uwe Strothmann the foundation. On Thursday, the topping-out ceremony for the new building took place now, which offers space for around 280 jobs.

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by BEUMER Group
28 August 2015
We at BEUMER / 04 August 2015

A strong team, not only in business!

As the "Tour de Integration" a joint bike tour from Beckum to Aarhus in 2013 was a great success, an international team will start another tour in September this year. More than 50 BEUMER Group employees from Germany, Denmark, Russia, and the Czech Republic will pedal in five day stages of up to 170 km from the headquarters in Beckum to the group company in Ústí, Czech Republic.

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by BEUMER Group
04 August 2015

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