Comment Guidelines


Anyone who communicates on the Internet should treat others how he himself wishes to be treated. A certain etiquette should naturally be observed. This netiquette provides an overview of what you should be aware of when communicating on this blog:

Respectful interaction

We appreciate differing opinions and constructive criticism. In the same manner, we ask you to be tolerant of different opinions and meet other users of the blog with respect. There is no place on our blog for profanity and insults, since we are dealing with real people, not virtual personalities.


Please only post comments when they are relevant to the article and avoid personal attacks. We gladly accept suggestions for improvement and your questions.


Everyone is responsible for his own comments in this blog. Just as we look after our content, you should check if your contributions violate copyrights or offend others – be it in regard to gender, ethnicity, religion, culture or statements harmful to minors.

In general, we ask you to refrain from the following:

  • Using the comment boxes as advertising space (spamming)
  • Infringing on the rights of third parties
  • Pornography
  • Linking to other websites
  • Quotations without citations
  • Posting contact information, such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc.
  • Disseminating questionable claims and allegations
  • Excessive use of CAPITAL LETTERS or punctuation marks, such as "!!!!"

If these guidelines are violated, we retain the right to:

  • Remove articles with prohibited, obscene and insulting statements
  • Remove comments that have no relevance to the article
  • Remove comments that are not conducive to objective discussion

Furthermore, publication is not guaranteed.

Have fun on the blog and thank you in advance for your contributions.

Your BEUMER Group blog team.

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